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Online Stores

We are specialists in the development of professional online shops..

We know how important it is to have an online store careful design and leads your customers to easily find their products. The creation of the product catalog and how it is presented to your customers is a key aspect to the success of an e-commerce web site.

VISUALWORK has extensive experience in online web stores of design and technology that allows its administration through a Backoffice coming to perfect over five years.

Some Examples


A complete solution for managing all the activities of your store online.Sabemos how technology flows in a constant evolution and the challenges presented to us every day. The features of our technology is the most advanced currently available in a pro shop allowing you a complete management of their customers, orders, inventory, payments, products and issue electronic invoices.

Our technology: VisualStore

Our VisualStore platform allows you to create different categories (families) of product with unlimited sub-levels and associated products to different brands. Each category provides access to a list of related products in a very fast and intuitive way.

The system allows also set several variables such as featured products, promotional products, cross-selling, stock configuration, multi-management ports, integration of online payments (VISA 3DSecure, ATM) and others.

Our online store services include:
  • Design Interfaces Internet / Intranet
  • Online Catalogs programming
  • Shopping cart
  • Personalized Emails (new customer registration, product Order)
  • Backoffice Product Management
  • Backoffice Order Management
  • Backoffice Customer Management
  • Backoffice Portes Management
  • Backoffice Inventory Management
  • Search Systems products, references, clients, etc.
  • Online Payments by Credit Card (VISA 3DSecure), Debit Card, Paypal
  • Issue of Electronic Invoice

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